Global Pollution Digital Illustration

A pollution scenario I made based on planets


In my Concept Development class, at New England Institute of Technology, I was challenged to make a global pollution digital illustration. I wanted to make a fun, playful illustration, but at the same time deliver a strong message. Climate change has been a controversial subject, some people agree that we need to make changes, while other do not. I believe that we should take the appropriate steps to eliminate the destruction of our planet.


Through a good amount of research, I was able to have a solid grasp on global pollution I came up with two different concepts. The first concept I came up with is based off of Bark Beetles. Bark Beetles have killed more trees than all fires combined in the last year in the US and Canada. Due to climate change, we are having longer summers which means these insects are out and about more and more every year. When trees die, they release carbon pollution into our atmosphere. This is a big contributor to climate change.


This is a quick, down and dirty sketch of the concept I wanted to go with. This is a more comedic approach to the challenge. It consists of personifying planets and having them laugh at the smelly toxic earth. This playful style gives a meaningful message while being a little funny.

Quick sketch of planets with faces!


The characters were created in Adobe Illustrator. I also applied the highlights and shadows.

Screenshot in Adobe Illustrator showing a white background with planets with faces laughing at Earth for being smelly.

Each element was then brought into Adobe Photoshop to add the background, smelly odor, blurring, and some outer glows.

Screenshot in Adobe Photoshop of planets laughing at the smelly Earth

Final Design

The final shows Mars laughing and pointing, Jupiter egging us on, Pluto pointing, Uranus loving our demise, and the Moon running away in fear.

Final global pollution digital illustration

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