James Webb Telescope Magazine Design

A print ad concept I created

James Webb Telescope

In my Concept Development class, at New England Institute of Technology, I was challenged to make a design based off of the Webb Telescope. I decided I wanted to make a magazine print ad. Through research and concepting, I was able to walk away with a design that highlights the advantages that the Webb Telescope has to offer.

It is important for humans to continue exploration. If we stopped exploring, we would not be able to grow as a race. The Webb Telescope is the next step to reveal many mysteries about the universe. The main goal to this design is to inspire individuals to support space exploration. This could ultimately reverse some opposing point of views.


A majority of my research came right from the James Webb Telescope Website. Originally, I had little to no knowledge of this subject. After some research, I learned that the Webb Telescope will launch in October 2018 and will pretty much replace the Hubble Telescope. This upgraded telescope will allow is to see more wavelengths. We will ultimately be able to see lights created 13.5 billion years ago. Since I am a supporter of space exploration, this project is one that interested me in many ways.

Sketch Time

People can acquire inspiration in a number of different ways. In these three designs, putting things into perspective is the tool to ignite inspiration.

Sketch 1
showing how much bigger the sun is than Earth is showing perspective that there is more out there than we know. This can create curiosity in the viewer and ultimately lead to them to support the Webb Telescope.

Sketch 2
Again, perspective plays a big role in this design. Revealing only a small amount in the middle and filling the rest in black signifies that there is more to uncover. Viewers of this can be subconsciously aware of the meaning and ultimately ignite curiosity and inspiration.

Sketch 3
In this sketch, the comparison of what we think we see and what really is out there can inspire individuals to seek further exploration of the universe. The headline, “Bring time to light” is a nod to what scientist want to do with the Webb Telescope. When we look at the stars we are not actually looking at the stars, but light that has taken many years to reach us. The website states, “JWST will be a powerful time machine with infrared vision that will peer back over 13.5 billion years to see the first stars and galaxies forming out of the darkness of the early universe.” The lights they will be looking at were generated during the big bang. “Bring time to light” is a play on words to support their mission. Furthermore, using “Present” and “Past” seems to be unorthodox compared to the typical “Present” and “Future” approach. The reason behind this is that the Webb Telescope with be looking at the past to reveal the future. The image on the left is how the universe is typically viewed, whereas the image on the right shows nebulae, as well as galaxies.

Final Concept

I chose to go with sketch number three, I decided that this came out the best based on the meaning and how the point was getting across.


I had a blast with this project and look forward to more projects like this. Feel free to contact me if you would like any print work like this for your business. Thanks for reading!

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