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The Creative Works of Dane Bliss

Thanks for stopping by, my name is Dane Bliss and I am a motion graphics designer & animator located in Rhode Island. I have the ability to produce many different types of work such as, print, web, animation, illustration etc. I always have admired art in many forms, and I feel like I have found my true passion through motion graphics. Feel free to take a look around and tell me what you think. You can contact me using the form in the contact section.


Animation, or motion graphics is a great way to communicate your message. I can create many types of animations for your business.


If you prefer print marketing, I can help. I have the ability to create many different types of print assets that communicates to your customers.


I specialize in many types of digital illustrations. This includes vector graphics that are clean and visually appealing. No matter what style you need, I can help.


Website development and design is a passion of mine. I can create great, responsive websites that will not only look good, but do well in the search results.

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