What is an Animated Explainer Video?

An animated explainer video is also known as an animated infographic. They are a great tool to highlight the benefits of your product or service. An explainer video is short and is used to inform your customers. They are informative in nature and typically use motion graphics with a flat design style. This makes them interesting and eye-catching, like an infographic does. They usually run 2-3 minutes which is a great amount of time for the viewer to not lose interest and click away.
The following are five reasons why you should consider an explainer video for your business.

1. They are Great for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Of course it is all of our business goals to get to the top of the Google search queries. Video is a great way to increase visitors to your website. Adding a video to your website can increase the customer retention rate… and Google likes that. If uploaded to YouTube, your video will also appear in the search results. It is projected that 69% of all online traffic will consist of video content. It would be in your best interest to join that statistic!

2. They Increase Sales

The “bottom line” is a huge factor in why an explainer video is great for your business. The fact is, they lead to more sales. In recent pollings, 90% of online shoppers stated that videos are helpful when deciding whether to purchase an item or service. In addition, 73% of shoppers are more likely to buy your product or service after watching an explainer video. Most businesses who use animated explainer videos have stated that increased sales have a direct correlation to them. Due to their eye-catching nature, explainer videos are just more persuasive than the traditional advertisement.

3. They Improve Your Social Media Presence

Simply put, animated explainer videos are more compelling than a static image. Sharing such videos across social media platforms will give your business more credibility. People are drawn into videos on the web and can ultimately lead to more followers and exposure.

4. They Get Shared More

In addition to increased sales and better SEO, explainer videos simply get shared more often. In recent marketing statistics, they are shared a whopping 1200% more on social media outlets than traditional ads. Not only are you reaping the other benefits but you are gaining more exposure. In addition to social media outlets, your video also ends up on other websites. Your video on external websites will also increase your SEO even further.

5. They Increase Customer Engagement

Having video up on the web opens up more forms of communication from you to your customer and vise versa. By posting animated explainer videos on the web, you can allow viewers to comment on them. This is great for business because you can have instant feedback from customers or potential customers. Some comments are not the most constructive, however, there are many that are. Opening your business up for feedback will help you understand your audience much better.

Take It From Me

When I first launched this website, I was getting little to no traffic. I decided to make an animated explainer video to show off my motion graphics skills to be posted to YouTube. I chose the topic to be renewable energy. After a couple of months, I had 7,500 views and 69 likes according to YouTube analytics. I am not saying I am a YouTube celebrity or anything, but that is 7,500 people who would not see my work otherwise. Additionally, it has been shared 25 times to various social media pages on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. My explainer video has also been added to renewable energy websites. I even noticed that various online learning websites have been using it as curriculum. In time, these numbers are destined to keep climbing. Below is the explainer video I created.

Do You Need An Animated Explainer Video for Your Business?

If you’re interested in working together to create a video for your business, please feel free to contact me. Let’s enhance your online presence together!


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