Papa's Pasta Package Design

A fun, playful and bright pasta box

Papa’s Pasta Package Design

I created a pasta box package design in Adobe Illustrator. All graphics are vector illustrations that started out as sketches. Off the bat, I created the character holding a plate. I messed around with some color combinations:

Three different color variations of Papa's Pasta character

I decided to go with orange, however the other options could be used for different types of pasta. After that, I went through many fonts to see what works. I also illustrated the vegetables and the pasta sauce jars in vector format. Lastly, I created the nutrition label in Adobe Indesign. Here is the final design:

Pasta box package design flattened for printing.

Once I had the design done, I brought it into Cinema 4D to see how it looks when applied to an object. Here is another angle of the pasta box:

A 3D render of a pasta box design called "Papa's Pasta."

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