Forest Gump Kinetic Typography Animation

A kinetic typography project made in Adobe After Effects

One Day, it Started Raining

I created a Forest Gump kinetic typography made in Adobe After Effects. This scene to me is classic and always made me chuckle. Before animating, I planned out how the overall look would be by choosing fonts, colors, etc. I also storyboarded it out a little to determine transitions and where certain words would work well together. By using a particle generator in After Effects, I was able to make the environment have rainfall to react to the dialog. By using the Sure Target plug-in, the 3D camera was able to move to destinations I mapped out, enjoy!

Full Dialog

One day, it started raining
and it didn’t quit for four months
we’ve been through every kinda rain there is
a little bit of stinging rain
and big ol’ fat rain
rain that flew in sideways
and sometimes rain that even seem to come straight up from underneath

shoot, it even rained at night

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